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Ella for Parents

  • What is a "Baby Helper"?
    We use the term "Baby Helper" to mean an individual who helps new parents care for their newborn(s) the first year of parenthood. This person may or may not have a medical degree (nurse, doctor or other medical professional). However, a Baby Helper will not be providing services in their role of a medical professional and shall not be held to the standards of a medical professional. In other words, the Baby Helper may be a nurse but won't be acting as a "nurse" when helping you and your newborn. The Baby Helper's main focus is to help care for the baby. A Baby Helper may provide the following services (and more): (1) Bottle feeding the baby (with formula or breastmilk); (2) Clean bottles and breastfeeding pump parts; (3) Tidying up baby's room; (4) Preparing simple meals for the parent(s); and (5) Childcare for older children. Parents using Ella for Parents™ should clearly communicate their needs to a prospective Baby Helper so that they can get the help they need. Each family is different (for example, some may need more help with feeding the baby while others may need more help cooking meals during their recovery). Information on the full range of services a Baby Helper is offering can be found in their individual profile. Ella for Parents™ was created with this uniqueness of needs in mind.
  • How is a Baby Helper different from a nanny?
    The purpose of a Baby Helper is to help new parents with their newborn. This involves caring for the recovering parent as well as the newborn (and at times, the whole family). This individual will often provide help during the day or night, for a few days to a few months. A Baby Helper is not meant to be a long term caregiver for a baby. If you are looking for care for longer than a few months, we recommend seeking a nanny instead of a Baby Helper.
  • My needs have changed and I don't need my Baby Helper anymore.
    Please reach out to the Baby Helper directly as soon as you are aware that you no longer need their assistance. Each Baby Helper has their own policy on cancellations which they should have communicated to you before the booking. You will be working directly with them on next steps. If the cancellation is related to any issues with the help you received, we would like to hear from you - please email us at:
  • I have family relatives visiting during the week, including nieces and nephews. Can my Baby Helper take care of them as well?
    Please notify your Baby Helper directly of this possibility and to discuss your needs. It is completely up to the Baby Helper on whether they will be amenable to this situation. Please be aware that this is a new situation that was not included in the hourly rate when discussed and may result in an increased hourly rate.
  • I found a Baby Helper I like on the Ella for Parents™ Website. What is my next step?
    While we try to provide as much information as possible on our Website, we believe the best way to confirm the Baby Helper you selected is right for you is by scheduling a short phone interview or brief meet up before a scheduled visit. During this brief meeting, be as clear as you can be on the kind of help you wish the Baby Helper to provide as well as the duration of help. Take one additional step and follow up with an e-mail detailing what you discussed, including dates, specifics on help, agreed upon pay, etc. This way, there are no surprises and you can make sure you are receiving the care you need. Please note that unless you are paying the Baby Helper for the interview, please limit the phone call or brief meet up to a reasonable amount of time. We strive to have mutual respect for families as well as our Baby Helpers and being mindful of time is one of the ways we do this. Please note that all payments are made directly to the Baby Helper. We recommend that Parents and Baby Helpers both agree on the form of payment and share information (such as a Venmo or Zelle account) before the beginning of a visit. Please also be sure to create a receipt of payment signed by the Baby Helper (especially if you are paying with cash) so that all parties are on the same page as to what was paid and when. It's easy to forget, especially as a sleep deprived parent! At this time, Ella for Parents™ is not involved with the payment process, whether that is processing the payment or tracking any payments. Please make sure that you are able to pay the Baby Helper as agreed upon.
  • Do Baby Helpers stay awake the whole time during a night visit?
    It really depends on the needs of the Parents and what is agreed upon between the Parent and Baby Helper. If you would prefer that the Baby Helper stay awake the whole time during the night stay, please let them know in advance. Some Baby Helpers have other jobs and commitments and may not be able to stay awake the whole night if they had been awake during the day. Being very clear that you expect the Baby Helper to be wide awake in the evening, even when the newborn is sleeping, will prevent any confusion and help them plan ahead to sleep well before the visit. Please note that some families have hired individuals to help at night but wake up only if the newborn is awake -- this is why being clear about wanting the Baby Helper to be fully awake during the whole time you have them is important.
  • I am having trouble breastfeeding. Will the Baby Helper be able to provide advice on breastfeeding techniques?
    Some Baby Helpers have experience as lactation consultants and will be able to advise you on breastfeeding your baby. Please note that unless this service was specifically discussed at the onset of booking their services, the Baby Helper may request an additional fee for such guidance. Please check their profiles on our Website to confirm they have the experience you need and confirm that this service is in fact included in their hourly rate.
  • I want to be a Baby Helper and to create a profile on Ella for Parents™. How do I sign up?
    Awesome! We are excited to learn more about you. We are always looking for experienced newborn Baby Helpers to include on the Ella for Parents™ Website. Please reach out and send us an email to: Please give us at least 5 business days to respond. Our dreams are big but we have a small team.
  • I had a Baby Helper come to help me but I just don't think we jive all that well. I have more bookings left with this Baby Helper. What should I do?
    We kindly ask that you notify the Baby Helper as soon as you are aware that you will be cancelling. Please note that each Baby Helper will have their own rules regarding cancellations and you may need to pay a cancellation fee. We recommend that Parents schedule a phone call or visit before booking any Baby Helpers to avoid situations like these. Kindly notify Ella for Parents™ Customer Service by sending an email to: as well, especially if the issue is a safety concern. We pride ourselves on having a platform with high quality Baby Helpers and need your help in making sure the Website stays true to this mission.
  • Are Baby Helpers employees of Ella for Parents™?
    No, Baby Helpers are not employees of Ella for Parents™. We are a directory and resource to find wonderful people who can help you during the newborn phase as a new parent. We do not employ Baby Helpers. They work on their own behalf, we simply provide information on our Website to help you find help on your new parenthood journey. Bookings and payment processing is handled directly between Baby Helper and Parent(s) - Ella for Parents™ is not involved with these processes.
  • What do I do if I have an issue with a Baby Helper?
    We advise that you communicate your concerns directly with the Baby Helper in a clear and respectful manner. However, we would like to know if any issues arise so that we can continue to ensure that our directory is a valuable resource to parents. Please reach out to us by sending us an email to: Note that Ella for Parents™ is not involved in the payment processing process and therefore cannot provide reimbursements or other arrangements - these must be handled directly with the Baby Helper.
  • Why does Ella for Parents™ only include Baby Helpers located in Austin, Texas?
    Ella for Parents™ was founded by a local Austin mom who had trouble finding postpartum care when she had her baby and wants to make sure other moms have an easier time getting help. We are hyper focused on helping Austin parents and making sure that the platform is operating smoothly and delivers on our mission to help families with their newborns by providing up to date information on high-quality Baby Helpers. We may consider other cities in the future. We are thankful for your support and you can help us with our mission of helping new parents by spreading the word about "Ella for Parents™" in your community and by sending us a review via email to
  • I will be delivering my baby 6 months from now but would like to have a Baby Helper scheduled so that I can be sure I have somebody ready for when my baby arrives. The schedule on the Ella for Parents™ website only provides a few months out from now. Can I schedule a Baby Helper this far out in advance?
    Yes, you can reach out to Baby Helpers directly to schedule visits even as far out as 6 months in advance. However, please note that for many Baby Helpers, this may include a non-refundable retainer fee amount and other fees. Each Baby Helper has their own policies. Unfortunately, Ella for Parents™ is not involved with this process and will not be in a position to resolve any related disputes. Please read each Baby Helper's contract carefully and be sure to know the cancellation and other related policies that may affect you. At Ella for Parents™, we recommend meeting with Baby Helpers in advance to discuss the type of care you will need to ensure it is a good fit for your family before you reserve a Baby Helper in advance.
  • My family is COVID-conscious. How can I make sure my family is protected during the visit?
    While we list whether or not a Baby Helper is vaccinated and willing to wear a mask during the visit with your family on their Ella for Parents™ profile, we cannot guarantee COVID-safety during your Baby Helper visit (also noted in our Terms of Service). The best way to confirm their vaccinated status is to ask to see their vaccination card. Please also be prepared to show your Baby Helper your vaccination card(s) via video call or in person. Your Baby Helper may also request that you wear a face mask during their visit with you. Please discuss these matters before the actual visit. Note that if you are particular about the type of mask your Baby Helper wears during the visit, kindly provide the mask in a plastic bag taped to your door before each visit. Please know that there is no way to guarantee the safety and health of your family from COVID-19 and Ella for Parents™ does not provide such guarantee. However, we strongly advise families and Baby Helpers to take precautions during each visit, including notifying each other of illnesses before each visit.
  • Is Ella for Parents™ a nanny agency?
    No, Ella for Parents™ is not a nanny agency. The company was founded by a local mom who had a terrible experience postpartum and lacked the support she needed to thrive with her newborn. She had hired a postpartum doula who canceled last minute and as the first new mom in her circle of friends, she did not have trusted sources to find a qualified back up. Ella for Parents™ was born out of her strong desire to help other moms and parents find help in such a critical and vulnerable part of their lives. She hopes that with Ella for Parents™, she can improve the availability and quality of help for new parents during this life-changing experience. The company generates revenue by assessing a fee for Baby Helpers to be listed on the Website (amongst other revenue streams such as advertising). You support us by making sure that the Baby Helper you hire knows you found her/him on our Website and by spreading the word in your community of our directory services.
  • How long should I hire a Baby Helper for?
    We highly recommend hiring a Baby Helper for at least 3-4 hours at a time. This is because it takes some time for you and your baby to get comfortable with the Baby Helper and for the Baby Helper to adjust to your needs. If possible, it's best to hire a Baby Helper for a couple of hours so that you can take a shower or a nap throughout the day and feel more rested after the Baby Helper's visit. Since it takes some time for each family and the Baby Helper to adjust and get comfortable with each other, we recommend that once you confirm that you like working with a Baby Helper, that you hire that Baby Helper on a more consistent basis such as every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for five weeks. Baby Helpers often have bookings in advance so it's important to make sure you are on their schedule. As for how many days, weeks or months you should hire a Baby Helper, this is highly dependent on your own personal circumstance (the recovery time you need from birth, the length of your parental leave, the amount of family help you have, etc).
  • Are your Baby Helpers background checked by Ella for Parents™?
    As the Ella for Parents™ Terms of Service mentions on this Website, we do not conduct background checks on the Baby Helpers. We believe it makes the most sense for Parents to order their own background checks on their preferred Baby Helpers. This ensures that Parents receive the most up to date and comprehensive report on the Baby Helper by sources that specialize in careful analysis of individuals. Please see our Safety Guidelines for additional information.
  • How is Ella for Parents™ any different from a nanny agency or other companies that list baby caregivers on their site?
    Ella for Parents™ was made with the new parent in mind. We are unique in that we provide information on Baby Helpers in your area without requiring a transaction fee or any other type of fee. With Ella for Parents™, Parents are able to have direct access to the Baby Helpers, without entering into an opaque and expensive process with an agency. Baby Helpers are also not asked to pay a transaction fee. In fact, Ella for Parents™ generates revenue from advertising fees paid by Baby Helpers to be on our Website (unless they are a Founding Baby Helper, in which case they may have received a certain amount of time on our site for free). We are on a mission to create a platform that benefits Parents, their babies, and Baby Helpers. We also strive to save Parents hours and hours of time combing through individual postpartum help websites by putting the information all in one place, the Ella for Parents™ Website. We provide as much information as possible on the Website so that parents can consider their options and choose a Baby Helper who is available when they need it and provide the services they require to thrive in their new roles as Parents to a newborn. We strive for transparency so families can easily get the help they need.
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