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Austin Moms and Dads,  

Your village has arrived.™  

At Ella for Parents™, we believe that new parents, recovering mothers and newborn babies require specialized care. Learning how to parent a newborn and the birth recovery process takes time and having someone who knows how to take care of a new parent and a newborn can mean parents who are thriving, not just surviving. Whether this is your first born or your fourth child, Ella for Parents™ is here to help.

With our directory of local Baby Helpers, you will be empowered to choose the right person for your birth recovery and parenthood with your newborn . This special time in your life requires someone with unique skills, someone we call a "Baby Helper". This person may be a postpartum doula, a newborn specialist, or someone who has extensive personal experience with babies. This person can cook meals for you and your family and clean baby bottles while you take a shower or sleep. With Ella for Parents™, you have the information you need to find the right person for you and your family - without any membership or transaction fees. 

The Baby Helpers listed include a designation of the level of care they provide so you can match this with the level of care you need. The levels are:
(1) Baby Centric: Focused only on baby related care.

            (2) Baby + Mama: Focused on taking care of baby related care and Mama's recovery needs.

           (3) ​Baby + Mama + Family: Focused on baby related care, Mama’s recovery and the family as a whole.

To find a Baby Helper near you, please set up a free log in on our site. Once you register, you will have access to local Baby Helper biographies, contact information, and their dates of availability. When contacting the Baby Helpers on our site, please mention you found them on the Ella for Parents™  website so that they know how valuable it is to be on our platform. We are currently able to keep access to the platform free for parents by generating revenue from advertising fees from Baby Helpers and other advertising sources. Scheduling and payments are handled directly with the Baby Helper. Please check out the FAQ, Terms of Use, and Privacy  sections of this website to learn more about our platform.
We have plans to grow in Austin and beyond and need your help with this mission. Please send us any Baby Helper reviews, platform feedback and ideas by emailing us at: We would love to hear from you.

New parents need support, now more than ever. Please spread the word, your village is finally here. 

Much love, 

The Ella for Parents™  team
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